Organic GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirts

by Saurav Guha

Are you planning to save the environment by choosing organic T-shirts? Then go a step further and choose a GOTS certified Embroidered T-shirt! Unfortunately, while many online t-shirt sellers claim to be authentic, they are rarely that authentic. 

On the contrary, GOTS certified ones are authentic 100% cotton grown in a healthy pesticide-free environment while boosting fair trade companies!

So make your contribution to the environment today by choosing a GOTS certified embroidered T-shirt from our preferred list of Pips Box’s! But before that, we will provide you a little snippet of what GOTS certification entitles to motivate you to support GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirts. Read on to know! 

What Does GOTS Certified Mean? 

GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard certification for any clothing item guarantees that the cotton used in the garment has been grown in a chemical-free and pesticide-free environment. This ensures that while growing the cotton, there was lesser water consumption than regular cotton, and the workers who made the piece of clothing all got fair wages. 

Regular embroidered T-shirt factories often invest in cheap labor - make their workers work in a toxic, unhealthy environment and pay them minimum wages. To stop these unfair practices, third-party organizations like GOTS have started inspecting and certifying brands. 

GOTS also inspects whether the environment in which the brand produces their cotton is free from pesticides and uses less water - this guarantees lesser water and air pollution and thus labels the brand as a true “organic” brand.

So, if you want to support the green revolution, don’t just buy organic T-shirts - go for GOTS certified ones to ensure you are supporting the correct brand! 

If you are looking for an authentic GOTS certified Embroidered T-shirt, check out Pipa Box’s lovely collection of 100% Organic cotton T-shirts! Here are a few of our personal favorites to choose from - 

7 GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirts We Love

1. Zumba Panda

Who doesn’t love a good old panda t-shirt? And we especially love this adorable little Zumba Panda one! Available in Lime Green and Fuchsia, they are 100% Organic cotton T-shirts - so you won’t have to worry about any rashes or skin allergies! 

While women do tend to be a little skeptical about the fit of t-shirt online, we assure you that this one will fit you like no other. Pipa Box ensures that their women’s t-shirts are designed to snuggly hug a woman’s proportions - no baggy men’s t-shirt designs here! So get ready to rock the town with this trendy, snuggly yet relaxed GOTS certified Zumba Panda embroidered t-shirt!

2. Greta

This is the Lime Green version of Zumba Panda’s Fuschia version, and we love this one too! Adorable pandas on a soothing yet vibrant lime green backdrop - what’s not to love! We love the embroidery details on this t-shirt, and we highly recommend adding it to your collection! Like the Zumba Panda one, this one has a clean neckline, slightly longer sleeves, dropped shoulder design - everything to mimic a woman’s proportions and fit them comfortably!

3. Mistletoe

There is something about a confident woman in a red embroidered t-shirt - they look so attractive and poised! This is why we love the “Mistletoe” t-shirt by Pipa Box - scarlet red base with a detailed wreath embroidery; what a beautiful t-shirt to wear! The GOTS certified embroidered t-shirt gives off a subtle festive vibe - so pair it with a black jacket, blue jeans, and high heels and show up to a Christmas party looking all chic and casual!

Organic GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirts

4. Amour Noir 

Having a black t-shirt in one’s everyday casual wear is mandatory - when everything else fails to make you feel comfortable, black is always there to comfort you! Sustainably made in India, these 100% organic cotton t-shirts under the “Amour Noir” collection have a subtle luxurious feel to them - you can wear them anytime, anywhere! We also love the delicate and impeccable hand embroidery of the perfume bottle and the quote. We highly recommend this GOTS certified t-shirt

5. Reveries En Rouge

Vibrant red on a classic white base - how wrong can this combination go? The “Reveries En Rouge” is the epitome of a classy white t-shirt every woman should have in their closet - and with the detailed hand embroidered lipstick, red heels, and that sassy quote, this outfit will suit anyone and everyone! We highly recommend this GOTS certified embroidered t-shirt - way to feel powerful with this gorgeous garment! 

6. Blushed

If you are a firm believer in  “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” then you have to add this adorable Fuschia Blushed embroidered t-shirt to your closet. The best part? You can get Cash on Delivery on this t-shirt! Hot pink t-shirt with a motivational quote, this t-shirt is the perfect outfit to show up to your Wednesday girls brunch party. So book this t-shirt online today on Pipa Box’s website!

7. Memories

“Too glam to give a damn” - we love the sassy quote on the “Memories” embroidered t-shirt! How better to show off your feminine yet diva side than this adorable peach pastel t-shirt! This product is 100% sustainable and arrives in a sustainable package to protect the environment as much as possible! Available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, this peach pastel t-shirt is the perfect casual yet trendy outfit for the day! Pair it with ripped jeans, white sneakers, hoop earrings, and a chic handbag, and you are good to go! 

These 7 GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirts from Pipa Box are our favorite for being some of the best quality products we have ever seen and at affordable price ranges. Go buy T-shirt online on Pipa Box’s website before they run out! 


Needless to say, if you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, choosing a GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirt is the way to go. Imagine helping the environment, saving innumerable waste, while keeping up with the trends! So hop on the green fashion trend today and make a difference - check out Pipa Box’s GOTS Certified Embroidered T-shirt now!

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