A bag is not an accessory - it's a statement. Make your statement with Pipa Box’s unique range of bags, and tell your story out loud without putting it into words. Infuse style with functionality with exclusive bags, your companions on your day-to-day adventures. 

    A bag is not an accessory - it’s a reservoir of your treasures. Your secrets, your belongings - all packed together, only known to you. People may look, wonder, and be enthralled by your bag. But no one dares to peek inside. There is a part of you in your bag.

    With Pipa Box’s bags, you can express yourself in a way that’s one of a kind. Exclusive to you. You inspire us to design perfect bags that speak to you. Fashion, function, and novelty make Pipa Box’s handbags timeless - just like you.

    Select from our range of handcrafted, sustainable bags and make an iconic statement by expressing your true self.

    Let your true self make a statement with Pipa Box Bags

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    Tiffany-Canvas & Leather Ladies Wallet
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    Bohemian Soul-Canvas & Leather Ladies Wallet
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