Brand Essence


Pipabox derives its aesthetics and inspirations from a myriad array of cultures, architecture and practices. We as a brand have our roots in India, and are an infusion of Modern English, Victorian, classic French with a touch of Scandinavian in a happy marriage with India. We love to find beauty in subtlety. We believe that luxury is quiet, it lies in the detail, in the quality of the material in crisp finishes, and aesthetics that subtly conveys our message in luxury. Our undying love for plush surfaces, rich designs and great textures reflect in our designs.

We derive our passion for creation from our rich traditions, architecture, colours, patterns and surfaces, and marry our inherent Indianness with the elements from all of our other favourite places. 

India is a very receptive country; the youth is very globally aware and have tastes that are an amalgamation of different cultures. We strive to portray the same essence in our designs. We love the traditional bandhej, taant, ikkat, Madhubani, potochitro and other art forms, derive our creative juices from the same, and imply them onto global palettes, to create something that is uniquely Indian and global at the same time. We strive to take the traditional forms, and give them a spin which would in turn make them very receptive for all audiences.

We are more mature in terms of our creative pursuit. We love colours that are jewel toned, dark, moody, neutrals, desert tones, and nature oriented and refer to these with accordance to seasons, and in all is a very evolved and mature palette. We are not against quirky, vibrant elements, but that is not our identity. We like to revisit our rich roots every chance we get and derive motifs and surfaces from it, and love the dark ornate richness or baroque, the details of Renaissance. We love pretty things and turn to art from the Romanticism era to guide us through. 

We are an Indian brand and are in love with the vibrant and diverse aesthetics of the India, the multidimensional preferences, elements and bevy of colours makes it a powerhouse of inspiration, we take our traditional motifs, elements and patterns and take them on a tour of the world, giving them a spin that makes it a global citizen, and appeals to a global audience.

We are proud of the fact that we are based out of a city that loves to reminisce about the past, where every turn is a possibility of finding new art, it is a city that works through the daze of its literary, cultural and artistic genius in slow motion and loves to savour it day in and day out. We are enriched by the city that we call home every day. The brand sits on a powerhouse of art and inspiration and we exploit it to our heart’s content.

The Indian consumer has had a huge shift in their preferences. They are more open and perceptive, and we as a brand strive to create products that will fulfil the desires of the aspirational Indian. The colour palette, the premium materials the amalgamation in design, the numerous influences are put together carefully and maintain a delicate balance which makes it Indian and global at the same time.

We intend to incorporate more of our love for the rich textures and awe-inspiring traditional techniques in our designs to make it them the true global Indian designs. Veering the traditional crafts towards consumers who value the heritage and are sensitised design wise in order to enjoy the products that we create. We celebrate our heritage through our craft and strive to create more products that will carry the torch forward.