About PipaBox

PIPABOX is a brand that is designed and Made In India. The brand takes the utmost care to make sure that each in-house product is conceptualized, designed and manufactured in India, from inception to the result. The burning desire to make a myriad array of mind boggling, intrinsic beauty products and brands accessible to the everyday woman is how the PIPABOX was born. Gradually we extended our aesthetics to other lifestyle products with the intent of providing our consumers with a wholesome array of products spanning the whole spectrum of one’s lifestyle.
We make products that speak for themselves. Our goal is to create things that will touch the lives of the consumers in a unique way. Though our aesthetics are global and are a culmination of inspirations earned through years and extensive travel to different countries, our soul is purely Indian. We celebrate the new age Indians that love to travel, and collect experiences. We offer our collection of experiences through our products,like,canvas pouches, and handcrafted hardbound diaries, great bookmarks, and jewelry that is crafted with love and 100% natural pearls.
We celebrate people, humanity, without discriminating. Our products are an eclectic mix of things that can appeal and relate to a number of people from all places, ages and walks of life.
Each woman is beautiful in her own right, and every one of you deserves a custom-made beauty regime with carefully put together beauty products, and other lifestyle products that depict her and understands her needs. We do the hard work on your behalf, scouring the globe with a keen eye, a vigorous filtration method and a voracious appetite for all things beauty and lifestyle, to seek out brands that deliver what they preach and should inevitably be included in your sampling list, and to understand your desires in terms of lifestyle products, which helps us to create products that are of the supreme quality with a global appeal.
Over an agonizingly long period of extensive research, we have learned that there is a staggeringly large number of products out there which remain inaccessible to women due to a plethora of reasons. Change is the only thing constant and the beauty & lifestyle industry is no exception, it is evolving at a sturdy pace and is coming up with products for every beauty problem possible, about a decade ago humans hadn’t conjured up the idea of face mists and serums, lip plumpers and body butters yet today they have a prestigious place is most women’s beauty must haves.
Keeping up with the updates can be a daunting task. We at PIPABOX put in a lot of blood sweat and love in an effort to act as a connecting link between the consumers and the ever evolving beauty & lifestyle industry. We are a lifestyle brand with a corporate gifting solution, with a deep passion for beauty curation. Think of us like an aesthetic world of beautifully crafted and curated products with  classic French & Old English - Victorian soul, and purely Indian roots. 
We have set out on a path which allows us to give physical form to your beauty & lifestyle desires. No more living vicariously through celebrities and beauty bloggers raving about their god sent Vogue worthy beauty regime. We are women who have vowed to unravel a world of unexplored beauty brands, and lifestyle products, one box at a time.