Brand Story

Pipabox is not just a brand. It is an experience. We strive to touch lives with the help of the brand. At Pipabox we create products which are not only beautiful but also purposeful. Each and every one of our products tell a story. Be it a hand painted notebook, that depicts self-love and confidence of woman being able to stare right at her vulnerabilities and accept them and grow with them, learn from them and turn them into tools for self-growth, or a t shirt with a quote that aptly states  attitude towards the spectators. We voice our opinions through our products, give solid form to those unspoken emotions that lay repressed and needs one channel.

Humans are always capable of more, our potential is endless, and we put in all our efforts to depict that, spur that into embracing the change, to give  an expression  through the motivating quotes in our notebooks, t shirts, and canvas pouches the aesthetically sound products, through the hand painted bookmarks and notebooks. We are living in the era of the greatest revolution, of gender equality. We living in the age when women can take on the reigns and show the world how to lead.

We are an environmentally conscious brand and try to be as non-invasive as possible for the environment. We use unbleached canvas for our bags and pouches which radically decreases the chemical consumption and footprint, the dyed used for printed are water soluble at thus have flush feel. Our notebooks are sustainable since they are crafted by hand and with unbleached maplitho paper that again is naturally white without the application of chemicals.

Pipabox is an all-rounded experience an alternate lifestyle, that looks beautiful and has iron determination, as a brand we aspire to be purposeful brand, where  our products tell stories.

Pipabox has a soul, one that is not afraid to confront issues, to voice opinions, to take risks and to be edgy and beautiful while doing it.