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    Charlotte - 100% Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
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    Tuscan Pendant Necklace - Floral
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    Camellia Clustered Layered Necklace -
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    Floral Myriad Choker Necklace - Floral
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    Best Necklace Collection For Women

    Necklaces are undeniably beautiful now, which was always the case in the past. Gold, silver, carnelian, and lapis lazuli were used to make the first known costly neck jewelry by the Sumerians. Each class of people wore different necklaces in ancient Egypt, with the nobles having access to precious and semi-precious collars. Ancient India was no exception, with kings and queens wearing neckpieces encrusted with valuable stones.

    Necklaces for women have always been a mark of royalty and elegance. So flaunt your elegance with timeless neckpieces from Pipa. Box. At Pipa Box, you will find just the thing for you to go with your outfit. Our necklaces are made from 100% freshwater pearls and intricately handcrafted to achieve a stunning look. 

    Pearls are the modern-day BFFs of ladies who prefer to keep things simple but unmistakably elegant! With a splash of glitz and a whole lot of grace, you've got yourself a magnificent precious stone to decorate your looks with. Pipa Box’s necklaces give you a magnanimous feeling of wearing exquisite and precious freshwater pearls. So don’t wait for a special occasion to gift yourself some beautiful neckpieces. Buy necklaces online at Pipa Box!

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