Six best natural haircare brands

by Pipabox Admin
A luxury haircare, skincare and wellness organic beauty brand, that gathers all its ingredients from the Himalayas. Whether it is sea buckle thorn from Ladakh or apricot from Uttarakhand, all their products are handpicked by local women. These products live up to their claim of being 100% organic and yields results.
An all-organic skincare, haircare and skincare brand. The products are made from plants that are made from plants that are grown without the involvement of harmful pesticides and chemicals.
All ingredients that go into the making of the products are certified organic by global organizations. The products do not contain any traces of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils PABA, petrolatum, paraffin or any animal ingredients.
One of the most trusted organic beauty brands from India, this brand started its journey in 2002. The brand garners its wisdom from the centuries old art of Ayurveda, without the involvement of any chemical or hazardous ingredients.
The products have become iconic with time and yield results, with accordance to the claim that they make. The brand does not use any artificial fragrances, in order to preserve the elements of the ingredients used.
With products that are 100% natural and gentle on hair and skin, it is one of the most sought-after brands.
A brand that is extremely transparent about their formulations and the ingredients used in the products; they are known for their premium quality products made from ingredients
sourced from all over the globe. They go to great lengths to scour for the perfect ingredients and formulate 100% natural and organic products. Certified by global organizations they are one of the most well-known organic brands from India.
A European favourite, this Italian brand, lives up to its name. The brand started off as a research lab creating high-end hair care products for cosmetic companies. After a decade
of honing their expertise in the field, they created their own haircare brand, specifically engineered to work.
An organic brand, that approaches its products armed with traditional methods. With great and subtle aesthetics, the products are equally gentle and friendly for the skin and hair.
Cold pressed virgin oils, and traditionally made shampoos from the brand live up to their claim.

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