Sneaky causes of acne and how to fix it

by Pipabox Admin


The Culprit: Smartphones
Why it’s bad: It spreads bacteria
The fix: Clean your phone regularly to get rid of all residual dirt, and makeup to resist the   build-up of bacteria.
The Culprit: Probiotics
Why it’s bad: Can disrupt the functionality of the intestines.
The fix: Wait for a month to reassess before changing the brand.  
The Culprit: Coffee

Why it’s bad: Throws off skin’s pH.

The Fix: Opt for drinking tea and water, instead of coffee.
The Culprit: Thick foundation

Why it’s bad: It clogs pores

The fix: Use a lightweight foundation that allows your skin to breathe, or cleanse more   often.
The culprit: Skipping toner

Why it’s bad: It does not rebalance your skin.

The Fix: Never fail to apply toner.  
The Culprit: Changing beauty products frequently.

Why it’s bad: It throws off your skin’s pH.

The Fix: Wait for a period of at least three weeks before trying something new.
The Culprit: Acne products

Why it’s bad: It dries out your skin.

The Fix: Substitute all your acne products for a charcoal soap or mask.  
The Culprit: Facial Brush

Why it’s bad: It spreads bacteria

The Fix: Religiously clean your brush heads to get rid of makeup build up.

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