The best Organic Skincare products of 2021...

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Forest Essentials Customizable cream
The newest offering from Forest Essentials, the customizable cream service, is an experience in itself. It involves a skin quiz, followed by a telephonic consultation with an Ayurveda expert. The formula customized is then presented and adjusted to requirement, which is then delivered to your doorstep, with a personalized regimen card.
The cream addresses key concerns such as:
. Fine lines/Wrinkles
. Uneven Texture
. Dull & dry skin
. Open pores
. Dark patches
. Post acne marks
Pahadi Local - Lake sediment salt
Lake Sediment salt extracted from high-altitude Himalayan Lake surfaces. Our natural powders: salts, scrubs & soil are collected from a variety of mountain sources ranging from
lakes to orchards. They are put through age-old grinding and sifting methods to distil their pure goodness.
Key Ingredients: Manganese, Zinc
Benefit: Treats Acne | Anti – Pollutant
Juicy Chemistry - Saffron & Red Raspberry Facial Oil
This light, quick-absorbing day facial oil extends a myriad of benefits for the skin. It is made of oils exceptionally rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids, regular use of which keeps your skin healthy, glowing and youthful.
Key Ingredients -

. Argan Oil
. Red Raspberry Extracts
. Carrot Seed Oil
. Camellia Oil
. Saffron Oil
Arata - Body Lotion
An all-natural body lotion with a light formulation, that hydrates without leaving behind any grease on the skin. The light fragrant formula crafted from natural resources has no carbon footprint and no harmful effects on the skin.
Key Ingredients -

. Shea Butter
. Cocoa Butter
. Mango Butter
. Kokum Butter
. Eucalyptus extract
. Spearmint Extract
Just Herbs – Petal soft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack
This Ayurvedic anti tan face pack is made of Indian volcanic clay commonly known as ‘Multani mitti’ enhanced with skin brightening beauty herbs such as Indian Rose, Liquorice and Holy Basil which tones, texturizes and rejuvenates the skin by maintaining skin elasticity. Liquorice inhibits the melanin synthesis and soothes chronic inflammations and redness, Holy Basil and Rose protect the skin from the effects of photoaging due to their radiation protective properties.
Key Ingredients:
. Indian Rose
. Indian Ginseng
. Liquorice
. Holy Basil
. Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil
. Indian Volcanic Clay
Kama Ayurveda - Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil
An intensive hair treatment to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. The secret to lush, glossy hair – this traditional Ayurvedic recipe consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and Milk. A natural conditioner for lush hair growth that nourishes deeply while cooling the scalp.
Key Ingredients:

. Indigo
. Eclipta Alba
. Gooseberry
. Liquorice
. Balloon Vine
. Sesame Oil
Vedantika Herbals - Kumkumadi Oil
Kumkumadi is a unique blend of rare oils and herbs with pure saffron formulated to help skin look young, healthy and spotless. Kumkumadi oil is Prescribed in Ayurveda for glowing
complexion, even skin tone, reduction of dark circles and blemishes.
Key Ingredients:

. Saffron
. Sandal
. Indian Madder

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