Top Corporate Gifting Ideas In 2022

by Saurav Guha

Corporate gifting has now become a necessity for every corporate firm. Be it for your employees or clients, you now have to present something personal and valuable to seem more relatable and approachable to everyone. While you can always slap a company logo on some cheap promotional items, chances are, they will only end up in a cupboard somewhere. But if you choose the right gift, your employees and clients will use them in their daily lives and think of you every time they use it.

So if you want valuable yet straightforward gifting ideas, buckle up. Let's discuss some of the best corporate gifts you can purchase for your employees and clients. But first, let us show you how you can choose a good corporate gift.

Tips To Choose A Corporate Gift

  • Make sure you plan ahead. Global supply chain problems have caused shipping delays, inventory shortfalls, and price increases. So plan, start budgeting, and place your orders in advance. This way, your employees and clients will receive their gifts right on time.
  • Always choose high-quality gifts. It will create a sense of bonding with your employees and clients, making them feel appreciated. You may think that it will lead to a steep expense, but that is not always the case. Brands like Pipa Box offer high-quality products at very reasonable rates.
  • We suggest adding personalized messages to your corporate gifts. It might be something as simple as adding the recipient’s name on the box or in a separate card or on the product itself. It will feel more personal and genuine to the receiver.
  • Always pay attention to the presentation. Your gift should look like a gift. You can send it in premium gift wraps or invest in a beautiful gift box.
  • Some companies believe in giving beyond holidays and festivals. If you can keep track of important milestones for your clients and employees, you can send them a gift on those days! It creates a sense of appreciation, increasing their loyalty to your company. 

Now that you know how to choose an excellent corporate gift, here are some of the best corporate gifting ideas for your employees and clients. 

Best Corporate Gifting Ideas For Employees And Clients 

  • Wallets 

Wallets are a classic choice as a corporate gift. These are practical, functional, and are very handy for both men and women. Consider getting a beautiful leather wallet from Pipa Box. They will also customize the wallet to display your company logo or your client or employee’s name. 

  •  Card Cases

Card cases are convenient gifts. Nowadays, people do not roam around with cash, all thanks to the various digital payment modes. So, you can always give someone card cases to store their credit or debit cards, along with their identity cards. The cases will also fit right into their pockets or handbags, making them a very nifty thing to own.

Pipa Box has a beautiful collection of card cases on its website. Simple, minimalistic, and practical, they would make thoughtful corporate gifts. They also customize their card cases to display your company name and logo.

  • Coin Pouches

You can always get your employees and clients a cute coin pouch. These are super handy and can be easily carried in one’s pocket or handbag. You can customize the pouches, add a card case, and make a thoughtful, cute, and affordable gift box for corporate gifting.

  • Keychains

Everyone needs keys, right? And most of us have them bundled up in a ring to prevent them from getting misplaced. So in such a scenario, if you give your clients and employees a keychain, they will surely appreciate the gesture. So get a company logo keychain and send them along with the Pipa Box stationery box to make a beautiful corporate gift.

  • Leather Bound Journals

Nothing speaks elegance better than a leather-bound journal. And if you send this to your clients and employees, they will undoubtedly love it. Leather-bound journals can be paired with another notebook or a leather bookmark to make a sophisticated gift box. You can also customize the journal to display your company name and logo!

  • Notebooks

You can never really go wrong with notebooks. They are some of the best gifting solutions for your employees and clients. Pipa Box’s notebooks all come in luxurious hardbound with an attached bookmark and printed dividers containing 200 pages. 

Now, you can have these notebooks customized to display a meaningful quote, the name of your client or employee, or the company logo. However, if you want to make it a little more fun-filled, you can choose the Caffeinated Musings Notebook. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love coffee? We are sure your employees and clients will too!

Again, if you wish for something more motivating, go for the Integrity notebook. It is a perfect corporate gift to motivate and encourage your clients and employees.

  • Bookmarks

Pipa Box has a beautiful leather bookmark that we think is a very premium corporate gifting option. This polished black bookmark is the epitome of style and usefulness. You can also pair it with other items on the list to make a more premium gift box. 

If you are looking for something more casual and fun-filled, check out the other bookmarks on Pipa Box’s website. They are very adorable, and we are sure your clients and employees would love these hand-painted bookmarks!

  • Stationery Box 

Lastly, you can check out Pipa Box’s stationery box. It comes with 6 hand-painted note cards of unbleached and sustainable Mont Blanc paper. The paper quality is so luxurious that it will provide a unique experience for both the writer and the receiver. The stationery box, too, is beautiful and minimalistic. It will provide a unique gifting experience for your clients and employees.


And that is all you need to know about the corporate gifting solution for your employees and clients! These are easy to find, durable, and will be valued by anyone who receives them. So what are you waiting for? Get your team together and procure the best corporate gifts this festive season. All the best!

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